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During the creation of the first responsive site in Hungary, the adaptation of the prominent visual appearance represented by the printed magazine and the device-independent content appearance was essential.

The background

The Hungarian Kitchen Magazine (Magyar Konyha Magazin) has more than 35 years of history, and had always been a leader in the forming and formation of the gastronomy of our country. The magazine was completely restructured and redesigned in 2010, when the publisher decided that the time had come to create an online platform that is closely linked, but still complements the printed version. Besides the attendance of the basic readership, another aim was to open towards the younger generations.

Minimal visual appearance

It was clear from the beginning that we would like to create a clear-out design that emphasizes on the visual and text content, and so creating a "stiff" structure, which would perfectly fit the existing appearance.

The color palette is always in accordance with the dominant colors of the actual edition of the magazine, this way giving a dynamic appearance for the whole site.

Adaptive layout

During the planning of the portal the optimization of the user experience was a prime aspect. To achieve this, on one hand we had to ensure that the appearance of the content would always adapt to the users device. On the other hand, the uploading processes in the background had to be as fluent as possible. This is why we chose the responsive appearance.

Based on the devices used in our country -without any former statistics- we have determined six different sizes, and we have developed a unique grid-system, and later the sites' structure based on these.

Responsive Adserver

Of course the site had to suit business expectations as well, so based on the different user habits and the targeting principles we have developed an ad-server module, that can host and measure the platform dependent advertisements.

Modern CMS

During this project the newest version content managing system (CMS) developed by our company was introduced for the first time. This was very helpful with both managing the responsive appearance and with the editorial work.

Unique content

Of course design without content is not enough. Thanks to the editors of Hungarian Kitchen Magazine, the rich text materials and the high quality images together have enabled us to create an outstanding user experience.

Others appreciate it as well

It gave us much pleasure when besides the contentment of our customer and the visitors, we have received professional recognition, when the site won the honorific "Website of the year" title in the Lifestyle category.