CMAS DiverlineOnline presence of World Underwater Federation

In 2010 the World Underwater Federation, consisting of 170 member states, commissioned us with the co-ordination of every task related to their online communications. We have achieved several exciting developments since then, the total modification of the organizations' central site and the creation of a microsite about the history of scuba-diving among others.

Hard beginning

As the first step of the project, we basically had to create the central website that would correspond with the needs of different levels. As a result of this, the solution that would satisfy the basic expectations was born in 2010. But we didn't stop here, we felt that it would need to suit much more complex user and institutional expectations. So we continued to work in the background.

The elements of the current site, - the content structure, the password protected record system in the background - are the results of the process of several trips to Rome, personal interviews and data gathering. Not to mention that during this process almost our whole team did the CMAS course of scuba-diving, this way becoming part of the target audience.

Linguistic confusion

Since the processing, licensing, uploading of data and realization of developments coming from the different member states is our duty, sometimes even the usage of the central English language can lead to difficulties. It took us a few years to create a unified process managing system. Thanks to this system, the controlled content can appear on the site within a few hours, no matter what country it came from.

Our original concept has been overgrown quickly

From the content we have systematized, the original site created in 2010, but it quickly - within a year - overgrew its limits. Thanks to the complete redesign, now with a deeper insight into the content structure, we have created the currently live version - which we regularly develop and update ever since.

Honorific feedback

Thanks to the close and efficient co-operation with the Headquarter of CMAS today divers from all over the world can access to important information for them. As the greatest recognition of our work in 2011 the then president of CMAS Achille Ferrero visited our office during his stay in Hungary.

Historical background

During the long-term co-operation the idea of creating a separate site, which would contain all the data and facts we have encountered during our researches on scuba-diving, and so creating an online extract of the history of scuba-diving came to our mind. Of course the success of the project was greatly influenced by the attitude and contributions of the members and all the supporters.

Community building

Besides the main site, our company is competent in the creation and maintenance of online communication surfaces. As a part of this, we have created the CMAS Diverline network, with the help of the Vice president of then Dr. Iván Nyíri, which covers all community surfaces, including the YouTube and Facebook channels of CMAS. We have created a document for the co-ordinance of this, which contains all guidelines for efficient maintenance.