Az ÍzlelőHungarian grower map-locator

The aim of the portal is to aid in the popularization of national craftsmanship, growers markets and restaurants using quality, Hungarian ingredients. The site helps to search, according to certain criteria, and so further ease the encounter of supply and demand.

We felt it our own immediately

The portal "Ízlelő" was defined as a part of a long-term campaign. Its purpose was to increase the amount of Hungarian handcrafted products in markets, on the shelves of pantries, and the dining tables of the families. To make people spend more time talking to the growers and to shop more at local markets.

User centered design

The most important expectation concerning the site was to meet the needs of the community forming among the campaign, so we had focused on the potential users since the beginning. The spectacular Google Maps like map-locator, the customizable layouts based on user preferences, and the visitor feedback encouraging functions were all meant to serve this aim.

During the early times of development, it became clear that -with the help of user feedback and the data provided by the sites' analytics - the site will need continuous development in the future.

Adapt to user behavior

Since we have defined location-based searching as one of the main functions in virtue of preliminary surveys, it was essential that the site has to appear on all devices correctly. During the iteration of the early prototype the goal was, to make the site appear correctly on tablets, smartphones and even desktop computers with wide screen. During later development we spent most of the time testing and optimizing of this function.

Custom search

After the systematization and labeling of the available database we have exchanged the normal category-based display for a search-based solution. We have developed a search engine suitable for this, which was optimized expressly for the content. The dynamic category-proposer was meant to help those users with the navigation, who are used to traditional solutions.

Continuously updated content

The continuously updated grower profiles are essential for the proper operation of the site, so we have created a user-friendly interface to manage them. Thanks to this, our colleague responsible for the content can update the database -consisting of more than 300 domestic growers so far- with a few clicks.

Fresh visual appearance

When determining the target group, it was important that we could transmit the determined goals to the younger generations as well, so we have placed a great emphasis on appearance. The whole design of the site was created by a talented Hungarian graphic designer, Eszter Laki. On the base of her plans, our team had created the online appearance.